Dani Daniels Yes Sir

Dani Daniels Yes Sir

Dani Daniels Yes Sir

Dani Daniels is a modern woman, with a lot of power in her office job, but lately the petite babe with a luscious set of tits and surprisingly big ass has felt off, as if she has too much power and just wishes that someone would grow a set and do whatever they would like to do to her and rough her up, but fuck her just as well. Dani, as if she were doing a mating dance, bends over the desk and James Deen takes notice of her coworker’s distress and attempts at relieving it.

He caresses the back of her hair, then grabs onto her neck and holds Dani against the wall and then beds her over the desk again, he’s showing his power and what he can do. Finally, someone can do to Dani what her body has been yearning for. He takes off her pencil skirt, spreads her beautiful big ass and runs his finger from her ass to her pussy, just a tease. He ties her hands behind her back and disrobes her of all of her clothes. He rubs her clit and makes her get on her knees, he shoves his cock into Dani’s awaiting mouth, she can barely handle his massive cock in her tiny mouth.

James lifts Dani and bends her over the desk and shoves his cock into her throbbing pink pussy, spanking her ass until it becomes red and raw; Dani is gagged but moans and gasps at every thrust and hand on her ass. James is rough, but with subtle compassion. He rubs her clit before bringing her down to her knees once again, removing the gag and inserting his cock in her mouth, she’s now tied to the desk, and tears start forming as his dick is just too much for her. He moves her again over to the desk, bends her over it, gags her and ties her to the desk; Dani is helpless. Dani Daniels Yes Sir

He fucks her hard, spanks her, and she screams and moans as her body is having a sensory overload. James sets her atop the desk, intricately tying her thighs, ankles, and arms down. He fucks Dani rough, but she loves it, her eyes begging him for more. On her knees once again and her hands tied behind her back, she suck his cock until he cums in her mouth and she swallows him whole. Dani Daniels Yes Sir

Dani Daniels Yes Sir Dani Daniels Yes Sir

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