Chloe’s Anal Training

Chloe's Anal Training

Chloe’s Anal Training

Chloe Chevalier has had a rough first year of college. Her boyfriend moved away to go to school and she has felt him slipping away recently. It wouldn’t be hard for her to find a guy to fuck, but she loves him and does everything she can to keep it fresh and keep him interesting. She knows how much he loves watching VR Porn and decides that shooting some sexy videos for him might be a good way to show him how much she loves him. Her latest VR porn video features Chloe fucking a huge dildo that reminds her of her boyfriend.

After giving it a sloppy blowjob, she backs her tight pussy up on the huge toy. She is so turned on that she doesn’t hear the door open and doesn’t notice her stepbrother watching until she comes down from a loud orgasm. Embarrassed, she tries to cover up but notices that you have a huge boner in your pants. Overwhelmed by your obvious reaction she crawls over and puts your dick in her mouth. She knows it is wrong and that she is cheating on her boyfriend, but she is too horny to care. You turn her around and grab her big ass in both hands. Chloe’s Anal Training

After a few strokes in her wet pussy, you surprise her by slipping into her backdoor. Her boyfriend hasn’t been in her ass, but she loves the way your big dick feels between her cheeks. It feels so good that she never wants you to stop. You want to be back in her mouth so you can finish. She has never let her boyfriend cum in her mouth, but takes your load and loves the taste. Something new to try when her man gets home. In the meantime, she is going to take advantage of the big dick she already has at home. Chloe’s Anal Training Chloe’s Anal Training

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