My Squirting Toy 2

My Squirting Toy 2

My Squirting Toy 2

Sexy Czech brunette Antonia Sainz is relaxing on a chaise, wearing cute a PVC and tartan minidress with black stockings. She strokes her shapely legs with manicured fingers and flashes a sassy smile, with horny mischief on her mind. Then she flips up her skirt to reveal her trimmed pussy, thong pulled aside, and an enormous realistic dildo resting against her thigh. She holds the toy to her crotch so it juts up like the real thing.

/nCurious about how it would feel to have a huge cock, Antonia is acting out the fantasy. She caresses the shaft and drools on the head, then masturbates the saliva-slick length. It judders and wobbles until she clamps it between her nylon-wrapped feet. As she stands, the toy hangs down almost to her knees./nSetting it aside, she strips to bare perfect-handful breasts, large, puffy nipples, a luscious ass, and her snatch in all its glory.

She wraps her panties around the dildo and jerks it a little more. Then she positions the head against her wet slit, grinding it on her tender clit and folds before pumping the helmet in and out./nOn her knees, she suckers the toy to the tile floor, working it against her pink as she straddles it. She could frig herself all the way but right now she’s eager to experience cumming like a guy.

She jacks her ‘cock’ hard and fast with both hands, then squeezes a bulb attachment so a load of creamy ‘spunk’ shoots out a hole at the tip, drenching her stocking-clad thigh./nNow it’s Antonia’s turn to orgasm – with one hand still grasping the dildo, she uses the other to frig her snatch and clit, moaning loudly as she cums in a humping, squirming frenzy. Satisfied, she caresses her wet pussy, lubing it with her juices – and she has one final treat in store.

Watch right to the end for an explosive encore…

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