Rissa May is on PornDudeCasting

Rissa May is on PornDudeCasting

Rissa May is on PornDudeCasting

I feel lucky to have met Rissa May so early in her career, because this lovely and talented teen is going places. This is scene #6 for the newly minted 18-year-old pornstar, who told me her favorite thing about the biz was, “Getting to fuck.” She pulled her big titties out shortly after showing up, demonstrating how they bounce and giving us a titty drop. After showing off her shaved kitty, we chatted about her porno goals and masturbatory habits.

“If I have enough time, I could do it all day,” she giggled. 14:38You might be doing it all day, too, once you see what Rissa did next. “Oh my gosh! I love it,” she said when she unwrapped my dick. Rissa kissed it, licked it, and looked me in the eyes as she put her mouth around it. The girl’s got a gentle, sensual style, making the classiest little gurgling sounds while going deep. “You like it?” 19:32I loved it, and I loved when she followed me to the couch and sat in my lap, tits in my face.

Rissa moaned as she rode me, her smile lighting up when I smacked her ass. “That cock is so good!” Then she turned around and rode me backwards, bouncing hard while I played with her tits. 23:41“Oh, it’s so deep,” she moaned as I fucked her standing up. I juggled her jugs, Rissa getting louder with every thrust. Playing with her clit seemed to make her weak at the knees. “Oh, so good!” 26:27Rissa sat down and started touching herself.

I offered some assistance, turning her heavy breathing into moans. She squirmed and humped my hand, returning the favor by jerking my cock. 30:20“Oh, fuck,” she moaned as I slipped it in, doggystyle this time. Our bodies clapped together, punctuated by oohs and aahs as Rissa gripped my Official Porn Dude Pillow–available for under forty bucks in the PornDudeShop! She backed her ass up and I smacked it, summoning squeals and handprints. Even Rissa’s pussy had something to say.

33:54She’d never done piledriver but was eager to try. I teased her with my dong before slipping it in. Rissa giggled as she noticed the alien poking through her belly. Beautiful body folded in half, I played with her shaved twat. 38:19Rissa had the most beautiful smile as she squeezed my dick between her boobies, working them up and down, gorgeous eyes locked on my own enormous cartoon peepers. Titties well-lubed, there was much smacking, giggling and jiggling. 42:54“Oh, my god!

” Rissa lay on her back, legs spread wide as I reentered her dripping-wet hoo-ha. She moaned as she watched me penetrate her, squealed as I went harder, and I screamed as I went deeper. 47:02“Wanna cum on my titties?” she asked before moaning, “Ohhh, so deep!” Rissa rubbed her clit as I boned her, pretty mouth swearing and pretty eyes pleading for jizz. Then she dropped to her knees, giggling while I painted her soft, bouncy canvas.

“I loved it,” she said, showing off my artwork, then shared some final words for all her new fans around the world.

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