Cuck ‘Em While They’Re Young 03 Kenna James and Seth Gamble

Cuck 'Em While They'Re Young 03 Kenna James and Seth Gamble

Cuck ‘Em While They’Re Young 03 Kenna James and Seth Gamble

Seth Gamble is hanging out when his best friend, Celtic Iron, arrives with Kenna James to share the good news: they’re getting married! Seth is happy for his friend but when he has a moment alone with Celtic, he brings up his concerns about Celtic and Kenna getting married so soon after just starting to date. Celtic is convinced she’s the one, even though he admits that he DOES have a history of letting women walk all over him. But this time it’s different, he knows it!

But when Kenna returns, she cheekily asks them what they were talking about. Although Celtic tries to dismiss it as just guy talk, Kenna pushes, asking if that means they were talking about sex stuff – like threesomes! Boy, she’d LOVE to have a threesome with Celtic and Seth! Wouldn’t that be fun?? Celtic awkwardly goes along with it, roping the speechless Seth in, too. But by time it’s just him and Seth in the bedroom as Kenna gets ready, Celtic admits that he can’t go through with it.

When Kenna comes back moments later, the proposed threesome actually becomes a duo with Seth since Kenna has no intention of backing out now! And all the while, Celtic has to sit back and watch while wondering what exactly he’s gotten himself into… again.

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