Two Cougars One Prey

Two Cougars One Prey

Two Cougars One Prey

Most friends have a lot in common with each other, and for Casca Akashova and Victoria Lobov, it is their insatiable lust. The two blonde MILFs are chatting in the living room, with Casca wearing a sexy blue dress and stockings while Victoria dons a flower-printed dress. Both of their clothes can barely contain their big tits. Their conversation consists mostly of stories about their sex lives. Just then, Milan walks down the stairs, whom Victoria introduces as her heir’s boyfriend.

At first, the flustered stud seems shy about sitting between two beautiful MILFs, but his eyes can’t seem to leave their huge melons alone. Noticing this, Casca and Victoria decide to play dirty– making Milan touch their boobs, and his inhibitions walk out the door.Milan is beaming with lust after seeing the blonde babes’ massive boobs, yet he tries to stay humble and asks for permission before licking and sucking on them.

The three devious beings are now like beasts in heat, unable to leave each other’s bodies alone. The young man in particular is having the time of his life burying his face in between two pairs of suckable tits. After that, he licks Victoria’s shaved pussy before letting Casca take over and deliver a blowjob-handjob combo. Milan then tittyfucks the short-haired blonde. The tattooed MILF, Victoria, also wants to please the naughty guy, giving him head and a titjob while Casca licks her pussy.

The lewd atmosphere intensifies when Milan fucks Casca in missionary. He naturally does not forget to pay attention to the other beauty and entertains her with his hands and mouth. Victoria then takes her turn and lets the throbbing cock pound her wet hole in reverse cowgirl and doggystyle. The three of them continue to mess around, filling the room with their moans. Casca rides their lover in reverse cowgirl until he’s about to climax.

Victoria and Casca eagerly wait as Milan pumps his length and are delighted when his load spills all over their huge juggs.

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