Don’T Leave Just Breed Me

Don'T Leave Just Breed Me

Don’T Leave Just Breed Me

Riley’s boyfriend, Elias, is moving away for college, but the sweet babe doesn’t want to see her man leave. So Riley devises a plan that’s sure to get Elias to stay for a while longer. They’ve been going hot and heavy for a while, but Riley always makes Elias wear a condom. But this time, she’s going to let him bust a big nut inside of her so that he can breed her. Riley wants to carry his seed, and she knows if Elias gets to cum inside her to his heart’s content, he’ll definitely stick around.

She’s up for the job and knows her purpose is to be relentlessly bred until she has a bump. Riley sets the stage and has Elias put on a condom but pulls it off his dick mid-fuck. With his cock just outside of her pussy, and her leg in the air, she pulls off the condom and smiles at Elias, so he knows the deal. Elias’s mind is blown, and he can’t wait to feel Riley’s pussy raw. Ovulating and ready to breed, she wants Elias to cum inside of her and fill her up.

He gladly gives her what she wants and busts a massive load in his girlfriend. He will never pull out again, and Riley will take load after load like a good girl if it means keeping Elias around.

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