CumFilled Holiday

CumFilled Holiday

CumFilled Holiday

It’s nice to have someone to be with during the holidays, so when Gal Ritchie walks in and sees you sitting in the living room, she decides to join you. The brunette hottie wearing a long-sleeved crop top, skirt, and Santa hat is obviously delighted to be in your presence. She brags to you about decorating the Christmas tree before the two of you start off talking about holidays, but sooner rather than later, the topic switches to porn.

Your somewhat explicit yet casual conversation continues until the tattooed babe gets bolder. Gal Ritchie asks you to take off your pants so she can see what’s inside, and already feeling horny, you can’t help but comply with her request.Gal Ritchie takes your big black cock in her hands and puts it in her mouth for a blowjob. As she bobs her head with her lips stroking the length of your shaft, you can feel the heat surging through your entire being.

The tattooed brunette’s hands and mouth move with eagerness like a hungry animal. She takes off her top, revealing a pair of gorgeous natural tits. The longer Gal Ritchie blows your throbbing black cock, the more you want to ram it inside her hairy pussy.With her back facing you, you start teasing Gal Ritchie’s entrance with the tip of your BBC before she rides you in reverse cowgirl.

Moving to the couch, the inked hottie gives you a blowjob while you finger her hole before going back into position and riding you in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Her moans fill the room as the pussy pounding continues in missionary and doggystyle. Nearing your climax, you stop thrusting and pull your big dick out. Putting the Santa hat back on, the tattooed brunette babe sucks and pumps your BBC, becoming ecstatic once your load spills into her waiting mouth.

Gal Ritchie swallows the thick liquid, satisfaction visible on her beautiful face.

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