All I Want

All I Want

All I Want

Voicing out one’s feelings is clearly better than dropping subtle hints where there’s no knowing if the other person understands them or not. You are relaxing by the pool the morning after your party when Sahara Sky approaches you. The blonde hottie looks really cute in her one-piece bikini, mini skirt, cardigan, and knee-high boots. She tells you all about how she wants to be with you all night but is unable to because of a girl you’re with.

After expressing herself, you begin to understand what she wants from you. The two of you decide to have fun with each other.Sahara starts teasing you with her meaningful gaze and touchy hands. She helps you out of your pants and plants small kisses on your muscular thighs. The tattooed babe then takes your big black cock into her mouth and starts bobbing her head up and down. Her blowjob-handjob combo feels so stimulating that you can’t help but get harder and harder.

The feeling of her tongue tracing your length, her teeth lightly scraping your skin, and her throat opening up to your BBC feeds your lust and makes you crave more. After covering your big dick with her spit, Sahara begins to take off her clothes, revealing her big tits, firm ass, and hairy pussy.Concluding the steamy foreplay, the blonde beauty proceeds to ride your BBC in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl.

Watching Sahara move her hips while on top excites you even more, especially when she does not hold back in showing pleasure on her face and her moans. The inked babe then gets down and gives your huge black dick a sensual blowjob. She then gets on her hands and knees to allow you to fuck her in doggystyle. The busty beauty once again gives you head before letting you continue with the pussy pounding in missionary.

You plunge your BBC in and out of Sahara’s hole ceaselessly until you cum inside her.

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