Take It Out Of My Ass

Take It Out Of My Ass

Take It Out Of My Ass

A сheerful Emma Rosie has finally received her long-awaited package. Now it’s time for unboxing. The girl runs into the room and takes new butt plugs and dildo out the box. With these toys, masturbation will go to the next level. Emma puts on beautiful lingerie, turns her favorite porn on the laptop, and starts caressing her pussy. Then she tries to deepthroat her new dildo. After that she gets in the doggy position and tries to insert a small butt plug into her cute ass.

But the girl immediately realizes that she needs something more serious. Sucking a dildo, she takes the biggest butt plug with her other hand. This is a real challenge now. Emma rams it into her ass and experiences incredible emotions. But when she tries to pull it out, she knows right away that it is stuck. What should she do? The girl has a date tonight, and she doesn’t have time to go to the emergency room. Therefore, Emma decides to ask her stepfather for help.

She wraps herself in a towel and goes to his room. The girl asks not to be mad at her and says that she has a small problem. The stepfather is surprised that she is standing in front of him in a towel, but is ready to listen to her. Emma mumbles something very awkward, and in the end just throws off the towel and gets on all four. The shocked stepfather understands at once that the problem is not small at all and agrees to help. He says it’s going to hurt a little bit now.

He lubes his finger and inserts it into her butthole. The girl starts moaning, and her stepfather asks if it hurts. She says that everything is fine and begs him to continue. The girl is already trembling from orgasm, and at this moment the stepfather finally takes out the plug. It looks like the problem has been solved. But not for Emma. The girl explains to the stepfather that there is nothing better for her than anal sex.

But she is afraid that in the future the butt plug will get stuck again. So, she needs to stretch her anus. And nothing is more suitable for this task than stepdad’s dick. The stepfather is overwhelmed by his stepdaughter’s idea, but she says that then she will find someone who will help her no matter what. And how can a good stepfather allow his stepdaughter to fuck with some strange guys? So, it’s time to take his dick out of pants.

Emma starts her passionate dick ride, and the stepdaddy realizes that even though he was trying to raise her like his little princess, she has become an insatiable slut. And such a girl deserves only a rough fuck and big load of stepdad’s jizz. But now it looks like Emma’s butthole is ready for any adventure. Read less

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