Playing With A Friend

Playing With A Friend

Playing With A Friend

Women often get together and talk about men. Simon Kitty invites Alyssa Bounty over and complains about her husband. Seeing these two beauties together will surely excite naughty studs. Simon Kitty’s black hair complements her blue eyes. Wearing a crop top, leather skirt, and cream-colored high heels, the lovely babe can easily occupy someone’s dirty fantasies, especially with her big tits and firm ass.

As for Alyssa Bounty, the brunette hottie’s natural boobs and firm booty are accentuated by her snug dress. The beige heels she’s wearing complete her sexy outfit. With looks like that, it will not be surprising if Alyssa has a long line of men wanting her attention.While the naughty babes talk, Simon notices the other’s freshly manicured hands. When she starts complimenting them, Alyssa shows off her pedicure as well.

While checking out her friend’s feet, Simon suddenly feels horny and asks if she can put the sexy feet in her mouth. She starts shrimping her partner’s milky white nail-polished toes before kissing her, not minding that she’s sucking her feet a while ago. Alyssa fondles the busty black-haired babe’s massive breast after watching her strip. Their undeniable chemistry is obvious from how they don’t need to use words to give each other what they want.

Alyssa continues to shrimp Simon’s toes and then proceeds to lick her shaved pussy. Her moans make the brunette hottie even hornier, encouraging her to do more. Simon also takes her turn to nibble on the other’s feet and savor her pussy. The lewd women alternately please and worship each other’s pussy and feet, forming a steamy scene that anyone with foot fetish will surely enjoy. One thirsty lady can’t help but want more of the other as they quench each other’s thirsts.

Alyssa and Simon then proceed to fuck in scissors, trembling as the two of them reach their climax together.

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